she doesn’t need to give him a chance

This ridiculous essay was previously published on Medium. The original title was “The One Episode of Lizzie McGuire That’s a Big Bummer.” Like many people in their mid to late twenties, the rollout of Disney Plus excited me in part because it meant revisiting old Disney Channel Original classics. For three weeks straight, I usedContinue reading “she doesn’t need to give him a chance”

can I help you prepare for the end of the world?

“I put a tp aside because we are out and it’s tos!!” Sean texts me. “tp” is toilet paper and “tos” is temporarily out of stock. He works at a Trader Joe’s in Pittsburgh. So far, we have not heard of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pittsburgh but we all know it’s coming. AfterContinue reading “can I help you prepare for the end of the world?”