your friend has a new wellness routine: gratitude edition

I think often about the wellness industry—the CBD startups, the essential oil MLMs, the influencers and coaches and self-proclaimed “gurus.” So many people have turned away from medical treatment thanks to the for-profit disaster that is the American healthcare system, and a new set of capitalistic vultures have swooped in to sell their healing teasContinue reading “your friend has a new wellness routine: gratitude edition”

your friend with the new wellness routine: sun lamp edition

When Sean and I announced to friends and family that we were moving to Pittsburgh for at least a year while I completed my master’s program at Carnegie Mellon, we got a pretty consistent reaction across the board: “Get ready for a lot of snow.” Both of us were unsettled by this. It wasn’t thatContinue reading “your friend with the new wellness routine: sun lamp edition”

your friend with the new wellness routine: an introduction

Your friends, offline and on, have a new wellness routine. They swear by it. They’ve never felt [more energized] [happier] [less emotionally unstable] [less existentially unsure of how to carry on in this cruel, unforgiving world]. You should try it. You should try it!!!! Frankly, I love talking about the things people do to feelContinue reading “your friend with the new wellness routine: an introduction”

HeR final mystery: the legacy of digital drew

On the hunt for some now-forgotten object, I stumble across a white greeting card with green, glittering birdhouses stamped on the front. I already know what’s inside the card before opening it, but I open it anyway. Dear Molly, The first thing I want to know when I pick you up is if you hadContinue reading “HeR final mystery: the legacy of digital drew”

where the fourth wall ends

As of writing this, I’m impatiently waiting for the next round of episodes of Love is Blind to come out on Netflix. I’ve watched so much Selling Sunset and Bling Empire that I am beyond qualified to write Uncanny Valley pop music. I’m sneaking in a few written words during Bachelor in Paradise commercial breaks.Continue reading “where the fourth wall ends”